Bertrand Russell (Sceptical Essays):

Into every tidy scheme for arranging the pattern of human life it is necessary to inject a certain dose of anarchism, enough to prevent immobility leading to decay, but not enough to bring about disruption.

This website contains a loosely hierarchical set of essays by me, Ashwin Parameswaran, exploring the subject of resilience across disciplines and domains such as economics, biology, ecology and technology. The basic idea is expressed in the summary essay “All Systems Need A Little Disorder” – all resilient systems need some chaos (not a lot, just a little bit). If economics is your primary interest, you may prefer to read the long essay in the economics section “Technological Unemployment Amidst Stagnation” first.

The essays may be edited frequently but a change-log will be maintained. I’d appreciate any feedback you can give me. Thanks for reading.